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About Me

Software engineer with over 15 years of experience in financial technology environments
Mainframe expert with platform overlapping knowledge

Mainframe, the historical backbone of financial process management.

You know the big blue box that keeps processes running, that's my playground.

For over 15 years I have acquired an in depth knowledge of software development techniques and business processes used in the financial industry. That's where i can help. Using the waterfall approach for development where necessary, but an agile approach where possible i am all about achieving the most effective solution in the shortest timeframe. I can also analyse your business needs to efficiently reach short or long term goals.

  • Creating solutions for business requirements.
  • Maintaining existing process up to legal standards.
  • Co-ordinating the technical overview of cross platform solutions

IMS, DB2, Cobol, JCL ... best read my resume here to see the list of technologies, development methods and detailed projects I have worked on.